I would describe myself as writer, penciler, inker and a dabbling colourist. I’ve been drawing since kindergarten but that is not as impressive as it sounds; everybody draws in infancy. the difference is I never stopped.

I’ve worked in numerous areas over the years. Some jobs I hated others I liked but none of them gave me the kind of fulfilment I got from fleshing something out of my imagination. This is the reason I love comics and the reason why I built this site.


Who are your major influences as an artist?

The first comic I picked up was Iron Man. I must have been around 5 years old so I have no idea who drew that but it triggered my whole awareness of the superhero genre. My earliest influence I would have to say John Romita Senior. His Spiderman books were simply awesome in its elegance. Later on, I would get hooked on John Byrne, especially his Superman stuff. John Buscema’s and Ernie Chan’s Conan the Barbarian became a big go-to for me in high school.

Who were your major influences as a writer?

My favourite writer in comics would be Stan Lee, Roy Thomas and Frank Miller. My favourite novelist would be Terry Goodkind the author of the Sword of Truth series.

What is your comic creation process like?

Typically I would do a loose plot then do rough pencils on a letter size sheet when I am doing digital comics. For printed stuff, I would us tabloid size paper. I would then tighten up my pencils and using a tracing table I would ink the pencils usually with sharpie markers, Precision pens, brush and ink and felt tip markers. I would then scan my inked pages at 600 dpi and digitally colour and add dialogue.

My process at the moment has changed somewhat as I now scan my pencils and ink them digitally using a drawing tablet. It makes for a cleaner and faster finish.

Does music influence your process?

Music is kind of my muse when I am working. My favourite tunes range from 70s classics to alternative rock.

What software do you use?

My go-to software is CorelDraw PhotoPaint as it has a very quick workflow. With the number of hats, I wear I need quick. For years I hated Photoshop but I eventually got around to liking for doing my artwork digitally on my drawing tablet. I recently got a copy of Manga Studio but I haven’t gotten around to learning as yet. I wear too many hats.

Why do you do superhero comics?

I have done various projects in different genres such as illustrated textbooks and children’s books but I kept coming back super-hero stuff like a junkie needing a fix. I think it is the one genre that has my passion for mythology and heroism.

ATF COMIC BY Stephen McLeod Copyright 2019