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There is no doubt that artist and writer Rob Liefeld’s character Deadpool draws inspiration from both DC’s Deathstroke and Marvel’s Spider-man. This amalgamation is shown also in Deapool’s personality; he has the whole I kill people mantra along with the snarky humor of a Saturday Night Live sketch comedy. When the first Deadpool movie was green lighted I was intrigued. I knew Ryan Reynold had the comedy chops to pull it off and when I saw the first trailer I literally flipped out.

Then there came Deadpool 2 and even though Deadpool now had a lot more X-men entourage something just didn’t seem right. It took me some time before even decided to go and see the movie. Somehow my instinct must have been right because within the first twenty minutes I felt like my brain was rotting just looking at this atrocity.

So what is the it that I am making such a big deal about? To put it simply, the script writing went off the rails in the way in which the character was handled. It’s one thing to make a movie that shows graphic violence but it is quite another when it the starring character does it while making jokes. Deadpool hacks his way through a bunch of henchmen, heads, arms and legs flying, blood spurting everywhere and all the while he is cracking jokes.

If this is not insanity I do not know what is. What this does is to depict graphic violence as being inconsequential and trivial. It demeans and belittles the sanctity of life in an attempt for cheap thrills. Such a tactic is simply not appropriate for a “superhero movie”. The studio could always say that it is rated “R” and not for a young  audience but if we are being realistic a large chunk of Deadpool’s fan base are teenagers.

If he is being handled like a anti-hero as is the case with Punisher, then they should be reminded that punisher has a logical premise for his characterization. His violence stems from being broken and angry; an emotional state that would drive a human to extremes. What is Deadpool’s motivation? Why does he kill? Why does he even kill with such bloodlust?

Until a proper context is given for his ultra violent modus operandi, Deadpool is just gimmick which will lose it relevance and entertainment value. Deadpool 2 had winning moments, especially on the parts of Domino and Cable but there is a lot of convoluted junk that was in it that was simply packaged as comedy. Deadpool 2 was not really a super-hero movie but rather a spoof of a super-hero movie.  

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